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Nobody celebrates National Hot Dog Day like baseball fans

Wednesday, July 19, was the greatest holiday of the year. It was National Hot Dog Day -- a day celebrated by humans, hot dogs and even actual dogs all across the country:

Hot dogs have always held an important role when taking in America's pastime, akin to the seventh-inning stretch or catching a foul ball with a baby in your hands. So, let's take a look at how ballparks around the country celebrated this momentous occasion.
The prep is mouthwatering:

A Monstah dog:

Need some more hot dog with that cheese in Cincinnati:

Can never have enough at Angel Stadium:

Here's a very, very good dog waiting for dogs:

And one just begging to be eaten at Target Field:

Palpable excitement at PNC:

Anyway, we hope you had the best National Hot Dog Day and celebrated as well as this hero below:

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