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This barehanded play by Nolan Arenado is so unbelievable it defies explanation

There's a reason Rockies third baseman Nolan Arenado is considered one of the most defensively gifted third basemen of the era. The things he does at the hot corner are frequently among the "what the??!" variety, meaning that he makes the unbelievable seem routine.

This happened again in Sunday's game against the D-backs at Chase Field, and this one was of the barehanded variety. With the defense shifted around a bit, Arenado had to range over to field a grounder off the bat of Domingo Leyba. Without any time to gather himself, Arenado did what came naturally: grab it barehanded and fire it across the infield for the out.

Of course, "Arenado did what came naturally" here is entirely subjective. It was natural for him, but certainly not anybody else (save for the A's Matt Chapman, maybe).

Nolan, you're ridiculous.