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Orbit messed with Francisco Lindor during stretches, but Lindor had some tricks of his own

While Indians shortstop Francisco Lindor unsuspectingly went through his pregame stretching routine before a game in Houston over the weekend, noted prankster Orbit decided to pull up a spot right next to him and join in.

Though the interaction started as a friendly one, it quickly devolved into an exchange of antics between rivals. It seems that Orbit initiated the escalation of events by playing with Lindor's head.

Lindor wasn't prepared to just take that lying down … well, metaphorically.
When Orbit returned to pick up the hat he lost during the stretches, Lindor fought back. After interrupting his stretching routine and treating his noggin like a basketball, the shortstop wasn't going to let Orbit just saunter over, pick up his hat and go along his merry way.

Is this the beginning of a truly heated rivalry between Lindor and Orbit, or will all be forgiven as part of the normal course of mascot antics? Only time will tell.