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Gleyber Torres has hit eight of his ten homers this season against the Orioles and no, that's not a typo

As baseball fans, we tend to get pretty annoyed at a rival player mashing against our favorite team. Seeing that same guy come up, game after game, and get it done to the detriment of our team's pitching staff, is a hassle.

Gleyber Torres has been a big hassle for the Orioles this season. Torres carried a .484/.543/1.161 line (seriously, that's not a typo) into Monday night's Yankees/O's game. Of course, he clubbed a homer to left-center ... and the Orioles' broadcast crew was OVER IT:

That's Torres' seventh homer against the Orioles this season.

Torres came up again in the eighth inning and ... do you know what he did? Yes, you do. You know exactly what he did.

He has ten home runs in total. Eight have come against the Orioles. That means ...

*Takes out calculator, mashes buttons*

... 80 percent of his homers this season have come against Baltimore. I just ... what?

The O's broadcast crew has a point.