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It's time for Orioles fans to meet Oscar, Alex Cobb's adorable adopted stray dog

The Orioles landed the best remaining free-agent arm on Tuesday night, reaching an agreement on a four-year deal with former Rays starter Alex Cobb.
But while Baltimore fans are no doubt thrilled that their team acquired a guy who posted a 113 OPS+ over 179 1/3 innings last season, that's not the only reason to consider this deal a win. Because the O's didn't just acquire Cobb -- they also acquired his adopted dog Oscar, who's about to become your new best friend:

Back in 2015, Cobb noticed something strange as he was leaving the Rays' Spring Training facility in Port Charlotte, Fla.: a dog with no collar wandering dangerously close to a busy road. Wanting to make sure the pup was safe, Cobb hopped out of his car and followed him for a good 20 minutes, crossing traffic and several backyards.
When the righty finally caught up to him, he took him home and put the word out, hoping that the dog's owner would come forward. When no one claimed him after a couple of days, Cobb decided to adopt the cute little guy himself -- and they quickly became best buds:

As you may have noticed, the tweet above refers to "Oscar & Axel." That would be Axel, Cobb's first dog, who is equally adorable:

We cannot wait for Bark at the Park Night at Camden Yards.