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Orlando Arcia provided butlered hors d'oeuvres for a teammate's dugout interview

If there's one thing we know about Orlando Arcia it is this: He is a fan of snacks. The Brewers' shortstop has been known to seek out the odd mid-game snack when the opportunity presents itself.

He's not selfish with his snacking either, providing teammates with provisions when they head up to the plate.

That spirit of generosity continued Saturday evening when pitcher Zach Davies was in the middle of a mid-game dugout interview with the broadcast booth. Arcia anticipated his teammate might want refreshments during the chat and came with a tray full of goodies. And, he was right: Davies wanted a piece of gum.

Still, Arcia could sense that Davies wasn't fully sated by the single piece of gum. So, moments later he returned and this time he made sure his teammate got enough food to get him through the interview.

There's nothing like the feeling of knowing that a teammate has your back. Especially when it comes to food, the Brewers can rest assured that Arcia will always be looking out for them.