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The Padres all dressed like Manny Machado for their trip to Miami

At this point, Manny Machado is essentially a fashion mogul. His half-season with the Dodgers only bolstered that status, and now that he's the star of the show in the Padres' clubhouse, they're all looking to him for their own style tips -- in their own way, of course.

After the Padres' game on Sunday, they got ready for their road trip to Miami to face the Marlins starting on Tuesday. Miami also happens to be Machado's hometown, so what better way to prepare for the journey than by dressing like him?

Machado had no idea.

They are all looking fantastic, especially Fernando Tatis Jr., who went all-out:

Based on Machado's 2018 All-Star Game look, it's a pretty good match.


The more you dress like Manny, perhaps the more you play like Manny.