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The Padres' Hunter Renfroe met the Raiders' Hunter Renfrow and the universe didn't implode

What's in a name? Well, a lot. It's who we are, what sets us apart from everybody else.

If you're a professional athlete, is there anything more powerful than your own name? It's your personal brand ... unless you're outfielder Hunter Renfroe of the Padres.

Or Hunter Renfrow, wide receiver/kick returner of the Raiders. For each of these guys, their name is somebody else's name, too. Mostly. It's a bit confusing, and Wikipedia knows.

With the Padres in San Francisco playing the Giants last week, the two Hunters met up for a universe-shattering photo together:

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Got to meet the real Hunter Renfroe tonight #legend

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Nicely done, Hunter. And you too, Hunter!

Shout-out to the universe for not actually shattering when this happened, and also for giving me another reason to use this GIF: