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Enthusiastic, fist-pumping home run celebrations don't get more exciting than this

When you know, you know -- and Padres Minor Leaguer Taylor Trammell definitely knew he'd come up huge for the Amarillo Sod Poodles, the Padres' Double-A affiliate, on Sunday.

He knew he'd stepped up in the ninth inning of a do-or-die game against the Tulsa Drillers and turned a 3-2 deficit to a 6-3 lead with a grand slam that cleared the wall in right field.

Oh boy, did he know it. And he loved EVERY SECOND OF IT. Here's video of a man living his best life, showing truckloads of emotion and not caring who sees it:

It's impossible to watch that scene without a smile creeping across your face. This is baseball bliss, pure, unadulterated joy from a player who came through at his team's most pressure-packed moment. That blast sent Trammell (who we already knew was a style king) and the Sod Poodles to the Texas League championship, left their opponents, the Drillers, stunned, and left anybody who saw Trammell's emotion grinning.

I mean, this is the stuff. This, right here, is why they play the game.

Much like how we should celebrate this season's record-breaking home run barrage in the Majors, more power to Trammell for letting it all out on the basepaths after coming through as he did.

Do a thing like that, you deserve to celebrate. Celebrations are awesome.