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This Oklahoma State player's intense bat flip perfectly matched the stakes

In order to participate effectively in society, one must match one's emotional levels and demeanor to his surroundings. For instance, an evening at the symphony is not the proper venue for a mosh pit, though it happens to be a music event. The second inning of a regular-season game against a non-rival team probably isn't the time to bring out your best celebrations.

But, when the moment and emotions are in perfect harmony, the results can be quite beautiful. On Saturday night, Oklahoma State outfielder Trevor Boone hit a 3-run home run in the top of the 9th inning to give his team a lead -- completing a comeback from being down 5-0 -- during their NCAA Tournament regional game against Nebraska. He unleashed all the emotions of that intense moment in one spirited bat flip:

The perfection only increases with more viewings and more angles:

There's only one bat flip that holds a candle to Boone's in terms of its quality and the stakes in which it occurred. Welcome to the bat-flip pantheon!