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This shortstop arrived out of nowhere to catch the ball his teammate lost in the sun

What does a friend always having your back look like when translated onto the baseball field? Well, try this.

During Friday's Nebraska-UConn opening round regional game of the NCAA tournament, Connecticut third baseman David Langer lost the ball in the sun. Normally, that means the player is about fifteen feet away from where it's going to land. Instead, he was hovering right under it. That meant that when shortstop Anthony Prato noticed what was up, he had to race over from the infield and dive directly next to Langer to make the catch.

Prato was like a ghost or a guardian angel, somehow arriving at a place he had no business being to bail out his infield pal:

Yeah, that's baseball friendship. Unfortunately, that wasn't enough for the Huskies, who lost the game, 8-5.