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Tommy Pham lost his contact lens, but fortunately had his compact with him

What do baseball players keep in their pockets? It's a question worth asking. After all, it's not like they need their wallets with them so they can go buy hot dogs. They don't need keys to get in and out of the dugout or clubhouse. While they may keep batting gloves, sunflower seeds and outfield positioning cards in there, do they keep anything else? After all, these are small pockets, too, so I doubt players are like Bagging Sagging Barry.

Well, if you're the Rays' Tommy Pham, you keep a compact mirror with you. That came in handy during Saturday's 7-2 win against the Yankees. In the top of the fourth, the outfielder caught a lineout from Brett Gardner, but his contact lens fell out. Fortunately, he was ready:

Not only was Pham's pocket game on point, so were his cleats. Just check out the sweet rainbow kicks he had to match the Rays throwback uniforms: