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Trevor Story struck out trying to avoid a pitch, and you've never seen a strikeout as weird as this one

There's nothing unusual about a batter striking out. Everybody does it -- you're not going to go up to the plate and crack base hits every time.

Because of the routine nature of most strikeouts, it takes a special something or a unique circumstance to really make you do a double take or sit there blinking in disbelief at what you just saw.

With that lead-in, here's the Rockies' Trevor Story striking out while facing Bryse Wilson in the ninth inning of Friday's game against the Braves:

Uh, what? OK. That is a thing that happened, I suppose. I saw it with my own eyes, but ... it's weird, man. It's really weird.

That odd strikeout aside, Story had a pretty good game otherwise, so no big deal in the end.