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Anyone who's forgotten to take a tag off a shirt can relate to Nick Williams batting with a blank helmet

It happens to everyone. You look in the bathroom mirror near the end of a day at the office and notice you'd been walking around all day with your shirt inside-out. Halfway through a presentation in class, you glance downward only to discover that your fly has been down the entire time you've been standing in front of a large group of your peers.

These are embarrassing things, to be sure. But, they're also largely irrelevant to how you performed at work that day or how good your presentation was.

On Friday night, Phillies outfielder Nick Williams likely had a similar experience when he went up to the plate wearing a blank helmet.

Don't worry, Nick. We're sure no one noticed that your helmet didn't have a logo. Oh, who are we kidding? It was on TV, of course they noticed. At least take solace in the likelihood that everyone will find something else to talk about soon enough.