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A reminder that post-surgery photos are incredibly gross but also metal as heck [WARNING: GRAPHIC]

The process surrounding athlete injuries and recovery is often shrouded in mystery. Sure, we get updates anytime something happens -- the surgery undergone successfully, the progression to jogging on soft surfaces -- but rarely do we get a window into the gritty details of a surgery. Usually the athlete just sort of reappears, healthy and ready to go a couple months down the road.

Phillies reliever Pat Neshek changed that, for better or worse.

On Tuesday, he had surgery to repair a hamstring injury. On Wednesday, he posted a picture of the results, revealing the uncomfortable truth of surgery: It's painful and, more often than not, unbelievably gross. (Warning: this photo is graphic. I've avoided looking at it this entire time.)

Yes, that is Neshek's leg, as hard as it is to believe from looking at the image.

We're not saying every player should post their graphic day-after-surgery pictures, but pulling back the curtain on the process of coming back from injury adds a new layer to our favorite athletes.

Plus, the pictures would be pretty badass. There's nothing wrong with that, either.