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Pete Alonso has grown so powerful that he can even turn back rain delays 

No one likes rain delays. Fans don't like sitting in the rain with nothing to do. Players presumably don't like stopping play once they're already warmed up. The grounds crew probably doesn't like all the work that seems to go into protecting the field and preparing it to resume play.

During Thursday's game against the Cardinals, the Mets appeared to be headed for a rain delay. The field was cleared, the tarps were out. But then, rookie slugger Pete Alonso got involved (while protecting his glove from the elements):

When the NL Rookie of the Month for April speaks, you listen:

Of course, Alonso's influence was limited in the face of weather systems. After the rain continued pouring through the top of the 9th inning, the umpires were forced to press pause once again. At least he won't have to worry about keeping his glove dry when play resumes Friday evening.