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The Cubs talked superstitions, Steve Bartman on 'The Tonight Show' starring Jimmy Fallon

Photos: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Anthony Rizzo and Dexter Fowler have had quite the week. Beyond leading the Cubs to their first World Series championship since 1908 (and throwing a Chicago party for the ages), the duo also joined David Ross and Bill Murray for some fun on "Saturday Night Live."

But, apparently, the North Siders couldn't get enough of 30 Rockefeller Plaza: On Monday, the two brought along World Series MVP Ben Zobrist for an appearance on "The Tonight Show" starring Jimmy Fallon.


They were pretty psyched to be there:

Almost as psyched as the host was to have them there:

On the show, the trio recieved multiple standing ovations from the electrified studio audience and discussed their superstitions during the postseason. Rizzo had an interesting one:

When the subject of Steve Bartman throwing out a first pitch arose, Fowler had the perfect battery-mate for the ceremonies:

And after it was all over, Rizzo left with a very generous parting gift?