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The Pirates gave away a bobblehead we can all relate to: Bob Walk falling out of his chair

This season has been a big one for broadcaster-themed giveaways. The Dodgers handed out a Vin Scully microphone, the Brewers will be giving away a Bob Uecker magic eight ball, and the White Sox made literal dreams come true with the Hawk Harrelson alarm clock
No team has embraced the glory of an embarrassing moment like the Pirates. Last season, former pitcher and current color commentator Bob Walk tested the lean-back ability of his chair. And, like so many of us have learned, there is a limit to how far you can go. 
Down he went and up went his shoeless, socked feet: 

Before the Pirates squared off against the Phillies on Saturday, 20,000 Bucco fans were given what is likely to be the very first bobblechair.

So the next time you fall backward during a staff meeting, you can just point to this moment and ask your boss, "Why don't have a bobblehead?"