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Mark your calendars for the 10 best Major League giveaways in 2017

A baseball game is good on its own. But a baseball game that includes a souvenir -- for free -- is even better. While anything free is great, Major League teams have made a habit of going bigger, better and more creative than ever before. Leading to this, the 10 best Major League promotions for 2017. 
10. Replica World Series trophy - Cubs vs. Pirates, April 15 

Now that the Cubs have exorcised their 108-year-old demons, the team has plenty of giveaways to celebrate, including 1908 throwback jerseys on June 7. The best is the replica trophy -- it's a perfect centerpiece for your World Series altar.
9. Brisket-acho T-shirt - Royals vs. White Sox, Sept. 12

Most giveaways involve a star player, a team logo or even just a piece of branded baseball equipment. Rare is the item that pays homage to a foodstuff. But when the Royals have the Brisket-acho, a gloriously gluttonous combination of cheesy corn and brisket lovingly scooped over chips inside a helmet, well, that's worth celebrating.
8. Bob Uecker Magic 8-Ball - Brewers vs. Reds, Aug. 13

There's a reason why Uecker has been the voice of Brewers radio since 1971, as he seamlessly blends self-deprecating humor and keen analysis of the game. With the Magic 8-ball, you can finally use his wisdom for every question in your life.
7. Buster hugs blanket - Giants vs. Twins, June 9

The Giants have arguably the best promotional schedule in baseball, with a Johnny Cueto shimmy bobblehead, Jeff Samardzija shark snow globe and terrifying Hunter Pence window cling -- the last of which looks about as natural as Pence does. But, the true highlight is the Buster hugs blanket. Not only does the San Francisco chill require blankets, even in summer, but this giveaway means every fan can be enveloped in the warm embrace of the game's best catcher.
Can't make it to San Francisco? You're in luck: The Sacramento River Cats, the Giants' Triple-A affiliate, are giving away the blanket on July 28
6. Jeff Bagwell batting stance bobblehead - Astros vs. Blue Jays, Aug. 5

The Astros will honor their slugging first basemen's Hall of Fame induction with a full weekend celebration, but the aspect of his career most worthy of commemoration is his nearly-sitting stance. Sadly, there is no Bagwell goatee giveaway, with bonus spirit gum to complete your transformation into peak-90s Bagwell.
5. Replica USS Mariner - Mariners vs Mets, July 29

Before the Marlins home run sculpture, there was the USS Mariner. Rather than watching leaping dolphins celebrate dingers, the Mariners fired off a cannon from their center-field seafaring vessel.
4. Hawk Harrelson alarm clock - White Sox vs. Padres, May 13

Waking up to the incessant beeping of an alarm clock is arguably the cruelest thing that a modern human can put themselves through. So, why not do away with the beep-beep-beeping and bring on the "Ducksnorts?"
Hopefully they updated some of Hawk's catchphrases with alarm-themed takes on them:
3. Vin Scully microphone - Dodgers vs. Giants, May 3

Scheduled to be handed out before Scully's ring of honor ceremony, this will really help out your Vin Scully Halloween costume. The Dodgers had better give it out with plenty of tissues because there won't be a dry eye at Dodger Stadium. 
2. Francisco Cervelli 'That's Amore' - Pirates vs. Braves, April 8

If Pirates pitching coach Ray Searage is the "pitch doctor," then the pitch framer-extraordinaire is baseball's love doctor. If following Cervelli's relationship advice last season wasn't enough, owning a singing Cervelli bobblehead is the best way to ensure true love. 
1. Noah Syndergaard Thor bobblehead - Mets vs. Athletics, July 22

In the original Marvel Comics, Thor inhabited Dr. Donald Blake's body while on Earth. But that's just a fictional story. In our actual universe, Thor inhabits Noah Syndergaard every fifth day. Thanks to the Mets and Marvel Comics, you can walk away with the depiction of this stunning transformation.