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A police officer deftly used his cap as a glove to make a great play on a foul ball

If you don't bring a glove to the ballpark, you're given two choices should a foul ball come your way: Make a fearless barehanded grab or, if you happen to be wearing a hat, use said accessory as a makeshift receptacle.
Obviously, police officers cannot bring gloves with them when on duty at a game, since they're working. One officer during the Cardinals' 3-0 win over the Giants at AT&T Park on Sunday was positioned behind the home-plate area when a ninth-inning foul ball made its way toward him. 
Without any hesitation, the officer speared the ball with his hat:

As seen atop this post, after a brief moment of acknowledging his big play the officer handed the ball to a kid.
Nicely done, sir.