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Raiders punter Marquette King took some hacks while wearing his football helmet

There are no punters quite like Marquette King. Though the Raiders footsman (that's a term ... right?) can boom the ball down the field, he's made a name for his lively and fun dance celebrations following his best punts: 

But now the punter has taken a page out of Russell Wilson's playbook and is in camp with the Athletics. After throwing out the first pitch on Sunday, he decided that one little taste of baseball wasn't enough. He wanted it all. 
So, on Monday, he swapped out the black and silver for green and gold. 

He was ready to show the Seahawks QB a "thing or two," when he stepped in: 

But why bother with a batting helmet, when you've got your Raiders helmet at the ready? That's some Bay Area unity:

Though the swing needs a little work before it's ready for big league action, the foot is ready to go. Put him in the outfield and let him pull off a Paul O'Neill:

Of course, King isn't the best punter-turned-baseball player. That belongs to the one and only Darin Erstad, which sportswriters loved for his gamey grittiness he learned while punting for the University of Nebraska.