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Who gets the foul ball when two fans from opposing teams catch it?

You can always appreciate when a visiting fan makes his or her presence known to support their team on the road -- we respect that. It's even better when both fan bases can get along -- after all, aren't we all there to witness a ballgame? Not only did two fanbases get along on Thursday night, but they also followed foul ball etiquette.
In the bottom of the sixth on a 1-1 pitch during the A's-Rangers game, Ronald Guzmán hit a foul ball into the stands. A resourceful A's fan reached out to make the grab with his hat, but it ended up in the grasps of a Rangers fan who was sitting behind him -- he was also trying to make the play on the foul ball. But this has a happy ending:

As you can see, the Rangers fan acknowledged the fact that yes, the ball does indeed belong to the A's fan.
And the best part? The Oakland fan gifted the ball to a kid.
What a great story all around.