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Ian Desmond reminds everyone of his excellent throwing arm with a laser assist from center field

Before the Rangers signed him to be an outfield/designated hitter for this season, Ian Desmond logged 913 games at shortstop. That means he's manned the position for more than 7,900 innings of his big league career.
Shortstops often have strong throwing arms, and Desmond was no exception. Early in Wednesday night's game between the Rangers and Astros in Arlington, Desmond -- playing center field these days -- reminded everyone of this fact, nailing Jason Castro at the plate with a laser throw.

According to StatcastTM, Desmond's throw was pretty much perfect. He threw the ball 95.9 mph and it carried for more than 251 feet en route to landing firmly in Bobby Wilson's waiting glove. 
So be warned, future baserunners. You might not want to test Desmond's arm.