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Sal Romano fearlessly barehanded a hard-hit comebacker because instincts are everything

Reaction time and reflexes. How often do you hear those two traits referenced as being crucial for athletes?
They're definitely important for pitchers, who stand just 60 feet and six inches from home plate and have to react accordingly whenever the ball is put into play. 
In the Reds' 10-4 win over the Braves on Monday night, Cincinnati's Sal Romano flashed some quick reflexes of his own on a hard-hit Ozzie Albies comebacker: 

"It was fine. It just kind of hit me in the right spot," Romano told's Mark Sheldon after the game. "I was able to make a nice play on it. You never know what can happen when a ball is up the middle, especially with a fast runner like Albies. It was just a reaction thing. I was glad I was able to make a play."
As far as we know, they don't call Romano "Mr. Reflexes," but it'd make sense if they did.