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Joey Votto and Amir Garrett raced to the dugout like two kids battling for the front seat on a road trip

The collective fascination with sitting in the front seat as a kid has always been rather confusing. What's so special about it? All seats in a car go in the same direction, and there's no guarantee you'll get to control the radio from that allegedly superior seat in the car.

Whatever it is that intrinsically affords the front seat supreme desirability over the others, the core concept -- winning a race with your siblings to win that coveted prize -- is universal. And while baseball players aren't technically siblings, they are part of a collective unit with the same goals and motivations.

Which leads me to this scene, of the Reds' Amir Garrett racing -- who else -- Joey Votto to the dugout after the final out of an inning in Monday's game against the Mets:

Votto won this time, but here's hoping there's a rematch in the future.