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Joey Votto got drilled in the back, took a few steps toward the mound ... and returned the ball to the pitcher

Joey Votto is in a class all his own. The Reds' veteran first baseman has amassed a unique reputation around the league throughout his career for his unusual demeanor. Whether launching baseballs completely out of ballparks just for the fun of it to relentlessly (and amusingly) trolling opposing teams' fans, he's a singular presence on the diamond.

And early on in Tuesday's 14-0 win over the Marlins, just two days after the Reds were involved in an on-field scuffle that led to a piece of literal art sparked by high emotions on the diamond, Votto found himself drilled in the back by an offering from Wei-Yin Chen.

What'd he do? Well, he took a step or two toward Chen on the mound playfully before picking up the baseball and tossing it back to the left-hander on his way to first base.

No brawls. No issues. Just being a nice guy. That's what Votto does.