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Richard Bleier paused his warmup to catch Pedro Alvarez's home run, and then pitched a shutout inning

Nobody in baseball gets grounders at a higher rate than Orioles reliever Richard Bleier. Even though he's used to seeing the ball rolling on the turf, he proved he's plenty good at fielding fly balls on Friday night. 

In the bottom of the seventh inning of the Orioles' 6-0 win over the Tigers, Bleier was warming up in the bullpen when Pedro Alvarez went deep for the second time in the game. Rather than ignore the deep fly and continue his warmup, the left-hander paused and waited for the ball to drop easily into his glove. 

Just like fans in the stands when a kid snags a foul ball, his teammates were pretty proud: 


With the added strength of this horsehide infinity stone in his possession, Bleier came out for one perfect inning of work. Sure enough: It was three groundouts.