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Rob Whalen had the best view of Dee Gordon's spectacular diving play

On Friday night, the Mariners orchestrated a comeback to beat the Red Sox, 7-6, after trailing 6-3 after six innings. That rally was made possible, in part, by reliever Rob Whalen coming in and throwing four scoreless innings to keep his team in the game.
In the seventh inning -- Whalen's fourth of relief -- he found himself in some trouble with runners on first and second and two outs. The trouble got even worse when Xander Bogaerts hit a 108-mph line drive up the middle that forced the pitcher to duck out of the way. Fortunately, that left Whalen with the best seat in the house for what unfolded behind him:

Somehow Dee Gordon was able to dive to catch the ball and flip it to Jean Segura at second base to end the Red Sox threat and keep hope alive for the Mariners.
"Dee was there to have my back," Whalen told's Greg Johns. "I had the best view in the house because I was on my butt looking right at him. By the time I looked up, he was up in the air and flipped it. I've never had a play made like that behind me."
Whalen probably wishes he had some popcorn and a soda for the show he took in, but, one can't really complain about the sort of in-front-of-the-front-row seat he found himself in for one of the biggest plays of the game.