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Robbie Ray didn't let getting ejected from the game keep him from finishing his work in the 'pen

In the regular season, getting ejected from the ballgame means you're done. Gather up your things, go back to the clubhouse, generally just leave the playing field for some other location. 
Since Spring Training games possess their own rules, then, the script can tend to veer away from what is "the norm" during the regular season. In Sunday's game between the Indians and D-backs, Arizona lefty Robbie Ray experienced that firsthand after being ejected by home-plate umpire Bill Miller in the fifth inning after taking issue with a called strike.
As Ray was ejected before his scheduled pitch count was complete, he merely trotted down to the bullpen to finish his day's workload. Again, not a thing that happens during a regular-season game after an ejection. 
As for the ejection itself, Ray had this to say to's Steve Gilbert:
"That's between me and him. I'm not going to comment on that. He's the umpire, he's going to call strikes and balls the way he wants to. That's just the way it is."