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Famous people's vacations are just like ours -- except they get to hang out with their equally famous friends

I love a good sports vacation. I sit down and map it all out before I go: I pick my dates, my cities and try to cram in as many games as possible. Then, I make sure I get the best deals on the cheapest hotels, so that I can then spend what's left on getting the best seats I can afford. Celebrities, well, they don't really need to bother with any of that (Bryce Harper's Instagram is proof).

Case in point: Robinson Canó, who is apparently on a little soccer trip this winter. His first stop? To give Neymar, one of the world's most electric and talented players in the world his jersey. (No word on if the dyed gray hair was to help fit in with the rest of the footballers.)

Canó didn't stop there. He left Paris to go hang out with Romelu Lukaku, who currently bags goals for Inter Milan.

Not only were they seemingly hanging out in a parking lot, but I do love this guy who looks like he's just waiting for a small break in the conversation so he can interject. (Hey, buddy: I've been there! It's the worst!)

From there, he went to Juventus and hung out with Paulo Dybala. Three stars with hundreds of goals and millions of fans between them all hanging out with baseball's coolest dude.

This is about as far from the soccer trip I took when I stayed in a tiny studio flat in London that had no heat, hot water and the showerhead was actually connected to the sink to get enough water pressure. I promise you, I wasn't hanging out with the most famous and talented players in the sport.

There is something kind of charming about players like Canó. Sure, they play professional sports, but at the end of the day, they're just like us: They just want to travel around watching their favorite players and teams. The only difference is that at the end of the game, they all hang out together. Tough life.