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Rockies fans created their own section to cheer on their team at Chase Field

Entering the final week of the season, the Rockies are battling for a spot in the postseason. On Sunday, they were in Chase Field looking to complete a road sweep against the D-backs. Without the home-field advantage in such a crucial game, Rockies broadcaster Ryan Spilborghs -- who loves to travel around the stadium and take in the game from a variety of vantage points -- decided to organize a fan section to cheer on the team. 

From a humble start of four loyal fans, the section grew to over 50 Rockies supporters over the course of the game:

Spilborghs even took attendance: 

And once that section was at full strength, they showed off some ... interesting dance moves.

Thanks to these fans -- and a masterful pitching performance from Kyle Freeland -- the Rockies completed the sweep with a 2-0 win. Hopefully these dance moves catch on for the team's final two series at Coors Field this week. There's no doubt it would help their pursuit of the postseason.