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Ryan Spilborghs and Danny Graves had wildly different foul ball experiences during their respective broadcasts

Over the course of their combined 18 years in the Majors, neither Danny Graves nor Ryan Spilborghs won a Gold Glove Award -- and that's OK. They both had great careers, Graves as a reliever for the Reds, Indians and Mets and Spilborghs as an outfielder for the Rockies.
Both currently spend their time as broadcasters, and on Saturday they had very different experiences -- Graves in Cincinnati while calling the D-backs-Reds game on the radio, and Spilborghs sitting out by the dugout in the Dodgers-Rockies game at Coors Field.
Graves pulled a Roxy Bernstein, tracking a foul ball struck by A.J. Pollock as it sailed toward the press box, ultimately reeling in the prize:

Spilborghs, meanwhile, had a great chance to rein in a foul popup off the bat of Enrique Hernández, but didn't:

The thrill of foul ball victory and the agony of foul ball defeat:

He was a good sport about it afterward:

No criticism against Spilborghs' attempt, though, as at least he was wearing sunglasses. Not to mention, catching a baseball with your bare hand while staring into the sun is a tall order for sure.
Commendable efforts all around!