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Monday's Rockies game went so poorly that the broadcast crew just blotted out the scoreboard entirely

Things didn't go well for the Rockies and right-hander German Marquez on Monday afternoon, as they found themselves trailing the Giants, 13-0, heading into the fourth inning.

As this was the first game of a scheduled doubleheader, a long day and night were in store for Colorado and its broadcasting team ... and former-outfielder-turned-announcer Ryan Spilborghs had had about enough.

"We've elected not to show people the score for a while now," they said coming back from the break, joking that the rest of the production team had "ignored" their requests to block out the score entirely. That's when Spilborghs, armed with the power of the telestrator, made his move:

This was obviously all in jest, and that's great -- even down a million runs at home in the early innings, there's few better places you could be on a beautiful summer afternoon than the ballpark. Just don't pay attention to the score, that's what I say. Focus on the minutiae, like how the players anticipate each pitch at their respective positions or how weird Dinger is as mascot.

It's all good in the end -- as was this tweet from the Rockies once the game (a 19-2 final) was over: