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Ronald Acuña Jr. made a home run robbery look like no big deal

There is so much subtle work that goes into robbing a homer. You have to get to the wall and make sure that everything is timed perfectly so that your glove goes up right when the ball is coming down. It's not easy.

Well, it might be easy if you happen to be Ronald Acuña Jr. The man is a baseball machine, and you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who plays the game as masterfully as him.

Just watch the way that Acuña stole a home run away from the Mets' J.D. Davis on Thursday. He was so casual about it that no one was sure if it was a robbery or not:

You don't find hops like that on just anyone, but the way Acuña did it looked like a walk in the park. The homer of his own a few innings later was just a bonus.

The crowd was completely fooled at the sight of him on the ground after the play. That Knicks fan in the front row looked like he had hopes of catching it himself, but Acuña denied him the souvenir. (It must have felt like being snubbed by Kevin Durant all over again.)

Given how smooth Acuña made that catch look, another Atlanta team might want to inquire about his offseason availability.

Any formation that showcased Acuña's catching skills would be a dream for Falcons fans, that's for sure.