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Ryan Goins somehow grounded out on a pitch (with his bat knob) while falling down

The Blue Jays had a good day at the plate on Thursday at Fenway Park during their 8-6 victory over the Red Sox. Justin Smoak went deep twice and almost everyone in the lineup had a hit. That didn't mean that all the Blue Jays were lucky, though.
In the top of the fifth inning, Ryan Goins was greeted by a Fernando Abad pitch that sailed right toward his head. As many batters do in this situation, he tried to dive away.
Goins sucessfully avoided getting hit.
His bat did not.

It was unfortunate enough that the offering hit the knob of Goins' bat since it would have been a foul instead of a ball. Somehow, though, the ball bounced right back to Abad. Pleasantly surprised, Abad threw to Hanley Ramirez for the out.
Goins was shocked.

We've all had days like that. At least his team got a win out of it.