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This is the face of a man who's seen the future and wishes he hadn't

Would you like to see the future?

The concept is alluring, sure. Maybe you'll be rich and famous, maybe you'll live on a cabin on the moon. Who knows? As far as humans have come with science, we just don't know a whole lot about time travel.

Maybe it's better we don't get the opportunity to jump through time, though. If we did, it might look like this.

Look at the unease there. That's not a face you make unless you've seen some stuff that you wish you hadn't.

In Nationals slugger Ryan Zimmerman's case, what he'd seen was a fastball high-and-tight that took his breath away, sending him crashing down to home plate for a quick break in Friday's World Series Game 3 at Nationals Park.

Remember, we don't know anything about time travel. That's why the Back to the Future movies are convoluted nonsense -- if you really think hard about what's going on as Marty McFly and Doc Brown leap back and forth between generations, you'll likely still have no idea what's going on.

To that end, though, who's to say Zimmerman DIDN'T see the future during the split-second he spent dodging that fastball up in the zone and landing on the cool dirt of the home plate area?

Maybe he flash-forwarded a few innings and saw the final score, 4-1 Astros, making this World Series just a bit tighter with two more games coming up this weekend.

Maybe he saw the new Star Wars movie and ... didn't like it.

Or maybe he was tasked with explaining "Baby Shark" to his grandchildren.

That might explain that face.

So yeah, time travel doesn't seem like fun. Don't do it.