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J.A. Happ interrupted CC Sabathia's postgame interview to ask his own question

CC Sabathia has seen a lot of things throughout his 19 years in the Majors. World Series games. Cy Young-worthy performances on the mound. Tear-jerking farewells. Yet even now, he might be experiencing some firsts.

We're willing to bet that Sabathia has never been interviewed on TV by a teammate immediately after a win. The culprit? Fellow starter J.A. Happ.

Jump to 2:53 of the clip below to see Happ come out of nowhere with a question for the highly amused Sabathia.

Happ even had his own microphone -- though it was really just a can. Very official!

Given Sabathia's career evolution, he's a pretty good guy to talk to about painting the corners of the strike zone, so at least Happ knew who to ask (on behalf of "his friend," of course). Smart man.