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Amid the confusion surrounding Justin Bour seemingly getting thrown out, he simply left the field

Everything seemed so normal at first. In the first inning of the Angels' Saturday afternoon game against the Cubs, Justin Bour hit a single and attempted to advance to second on an off-target throw.

But, somehow, things went haywire in this normal-sounding sequence, resulting in a really strange play. (Don't be fooled by the language of the Cubs' tweet.)

Despite the apparent tag on Bour, second-base umpire Marty Foster called him safe. The crowd howled and Javier Báez quickly called for replay, but it was unnecessary.

Bour had already gotten up and walked away.

Did Bour miss Foster calling him safe? Did he just want to not deal with the whole replay charade because he knew he was out? Or was he just feeling honorable?

We're going to go with the latter. It sure seems like Bour was telling Báez that there was no need for a fuss. Additionally, if there's one thing you learn growing up, it's that admitting your mistake will result in far less of a penalty than being caught in a lie. Put another way:


Way to be you, Justin. We respect you.