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Salvador Perez and Shin-Soo Choo's face combined for one of the weirdest outs you'll see

Weird outs happen a lot in baseball. Pitchers catch line drives with their stomachs and runners get thrown out at first by right fielders (or left fielders).
But during a Royals-Rangers game on May 24 we were presented with a putout straight out of the Twilight Zone. A pitch skipped off Salvador Perez's glove, rebounded off Shin-Soo Choo's face and Perez picked it back up to throw out Delino DeShields at second:

That's a 1-2-Choo-2-6 putout. I think.'s T.R. Sullivan spoke to Delino DeShields about the odd play postgame:
"I knew (Duffy) was quick to the plate so I was looking for a ball in the dirt to advance. It was a slider and I saw it kick hard off the catcher. I put my head down and went. I wasn't even expecting to slide. I knew it would be far away from him. I look up and the shortstop is standing there catching the ball. I did my panic slide. I went back to the dugout confused. Then I saw it, the ball hitting him in the face."
And Salvador Perez told MLB correspondent Dave Sessions it was just business as usual.
"Right in the nose. I saw the ball right in front of me, I saw DeShields running and I just tried to do my job."
It's funny Choo was involved in this play because, um, remember Game 5 of the 2015 ALDS?

Check out the side-by-side nonsense below: