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Max Scherzer threw a pitch so nasty that Sandy Leon struck out on it as it went between his legs

Nationals starter Max Scherzer has already won three Cy Young Awards and is the two-time reigning winner in the National League. You can't achieve that sort of success on the mound without some great stuff, and Scherzer regularly makes opposing hitters look silly because of it.
Facing Sandy Leon as the Nationals took on the Red Sox Monday night, the Nationals' ace may have even bested himself. On a 2-2 pitch, he got Leon to swing at a ball that ended up going right through his legs.

To have a pitch go through a catcher's five-hole is rarely something a pitcher desires to see. But, when it's the opposing catcher on a strikeout, that's a pretty good sight.
Is this a hole-in-one or a goal for Scherzer? The specifics don't matter when you have the ability to fool batters that badly.