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Sean Doolittle can't celebrate Valentine's Day without a trip to Taco Bell

If you're the sort of person who celebrates Valentine's Day with the same person each year, it's likely that you have some traditions that you keep returning to. Maybe you take a bike ride with your loved one, or go to a favorite restaurant in the neighborhood.
Of course, baseball players also have Valentine's Day traditions. For Nationals reliever Sean Doolittle, Valentine's Day means a trip to the local Taco Bell ... and a bunch of packets of hot sauce:

It turns out that Doolittle isn't the only one with a down-to-earth tradition. Astros pitcher Collin McHugh gets a bit fancier than his NL counterpart ... but not too fancy:

They say that variety is the spice of life, but perhaps consistency and tradition -- with a side of Taco Bell hot sauce, obviously -- is the spice of love and Valentine's Day. You certainly can't argue with these successful relationships.