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Sean Manaea threw a no-hitter, then did an interview with the last A's pitcher to do it -- Dallas Braden

Saturday night was historic for Sean Manaea, who silenced the scalding-hot Red Sox en route to the 12th no-hitter in A's history. It was an exhilarating moment for Manaea and a blast for the fans at Oakland Coliseum:

In an amusing postgame twist, the first reporter to greet Manaea and interview him as he walked off the field was none other than the man who spun the A's last no-hitter - a perfect game eight years ago on the very same mound -- Dallas Braden:

Being a big league veteran himself, though, Braden knew that he had a limited amount of time during the interview before it would be interrupted by Manaea's celebrating teammates. Braden managed to avoid most of the mess with an expertly-timed dodge:

The interview with Braden was a wonderfully timed way of welcoming Manaea to an impressive A's no-hitter fraternity that includes Catfish Hunter, Vida Blue, Dave Stewart and many more.