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Seven mustachioed baseball players who should be inducted into the Mustache Hall of Fame

of the Texas Rangers of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim at Angel Stadium of Anaheim on September 20, 2012 in Anaheim, California. (Jeff Gross)

On Tuesday, the International Mustache Hall of Fame will induct its newest members. Though the organization has done a pretty good job of recognizing baseball players in the past -- their Hall honors Rollie Fingers, Goose Gossage and Reggie Jackson, with previous Mustached American of the Year awards going to Clay Zavada and John Axford -- there are still plenty of all-time great baseball mustaches that need to be honored. 
In a sport filled with facial hair, here are seven of the best soup strainers: 
Gorman Thomas

No, that's not your dad. While Thomas sure looks like the kind of man that could lead the league in home runs twice (which he did), you may be shocked to learn that he also played a pretty athletic center field, too. 
Sal Fasano

The most important question: When Fasano had pizzas delivered to a group of Phillies fans that called themselves "Sal's Pals," did he place the order? Or did his mustache? 
Corky Miller

What is it with backup catchers and fantastic mustaches? Is it a requirement of the job? Is it just that people with great mustaches are naturally drawn to the job? Perhaps we'll never know. 
Eddie Murray

Murray wasn't just a great switch-hitter: While he finished his career with the simple and classic dad 'stache, his early career saw the first baseman pair the mustache with sideburns, coming tantalizingly close to the burnside look
Sergio Romo

One player who did go full burnside? Sergio Romo. It's why his slider should be called a burnslider.  
Al Hrabosky

Hrabosky was nicknamed The Mad Hungarian because of his strange antics and intimidating behavior on the mound. Remove his mustache and his nickname probably would have been "The Nice Man Who Doesn't Intimidate Anyone and Feeds Ducks on his Day Off." 
Oscar Gamble

Gamble might be known for his afro, which he grew in an attempt to stand out while in Indians camp, but it was his mustache that helped complete the whole Gamble look.