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Shohei Ohtani helped read out the starting lineups at an Anaheim Ducks game

Shohei Ohtani can do pretty much anything on a baseball field. Pitch, run, hit, even sing "Despacito," you name it and the guy can make it happen. The two-way phenom's ability on both sides of the ball -- he clocked 22 dingers and struck out 63 dudes in 51 2/3 innings in 2018 -- was the biggest reason he took home Rookie of the Year honors in the American League.
But is Ohtani talented enough to "do that hockey?" On Wednesday night, Ohtani, fellow Angel David Fletcher and former Angels hurler Mark Langston represented the club at an Anaheim Ducks game for Angels Night. And while Ohtani didn't lace up the skates and puck it up on the ice, he and Fletcher did get to announce the Ducks' starting lineup to the team.

The way the extremely Canadian hockey coach in the locker room pronounces the "Oh" sound in Ohtani was a delightful sports crossover moment. Ohtani, Fletcher and Langston also got to make their way out to center ice for the ceremonial puck drop.

As the only two professional sports clubs in Anaheim, the Ducks and Angels have a really close relationship. The Ducks players warmed up for the game in those sweet Angels-themed sweaters and last season the Angels threw on those classic old purple and green Mighty Ducks unis before a game.

Maybe one day we'll get to see Ohtani hop over those boards and actually take the ice for a casual skate-around, Nyjer Morgan style.