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A Shohei Ohtani foul ball led to one of the nicest fan exchanges you'll ever see

A foul ball. As a fan in the stands at a baseball game, few things are more exciting than a prized souvenir headed in your direction. And if you catch it (or pick it up off a bounce)? Well, that's the dream.

But something happened during Tuesday's Angels-Blue Jays game at Rogers Centre that totally reversed the expectation of the "typical" foul ball when Shohei Ohtani slapped one into the stands in the fourth inning.

A young man wound up with the baseball, but he noticed an Ohtani fan in a Nippon Ham Fighters jersey a few rows ahead of him. To take a cue from the buzzy internet blogs we see so often, What Happened Next Will Warm Your Heart (with that capitalization fully on purpose, of course):

Sportsmanship: It isn't just for the players on the field.