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Mike Trout made friends with an adorable little dog named Moo Moo

The pups were out at Tropicana Field on Saturday afternoon, as the Rays celebrated "Dog Day at the Rays" prior to their matinee against the Angels. As always, the dogs were delightful and expressive (each in its own special way, of course).

All dogs are good dogs, but maybe the luckiest dog was the little one hanging out with the Angels' broadcast team before the game. Its name was Moo Moo, and not only did he receive prime TV time -- he got to receive pets from Mike Trout.

Exquisite. Trout's a noted dog lover, so it shouldn't shock anyone that he would want to greet this tiny pup.

Moo Moo's owner should cherish that moment forever. He probably never has to be groomed again now that he's made contact with Trout. All the dogs in Moo Moo's neighborhood are going to be jealous, but it's so worth it.