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Skip Schumaker got his revenge for Adam Wainwright's last prank by messing with the pitcher's car

Adam Wainwright and Skip Schumaker might have been teammates for two World Series championship teams with the Cardinals, but now that Schumaker is the Padres' first-base coach, they're on opposite sides. Their prank war, however, continues to rage on.
Earlier in June when the Padres visited St. Louis, Wainwright responded to Schumaker's latest ploy by getting his own name and number stitched onto Schumaker's polo shirt. Not bad.
Schumaker's answer also featured customized decorating ... on Wainwright's truck:

Brutal. From the fake gym studio name to the Hotmail contact information, Schumaker didn't hold back.
We can only imagine Wainwright's immediate reaction, but it probably went like this:

Wainwright says Schumaker is "toast" now, so who knows what vicious revenge prank he has in store. Stay tuned.