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The Phillie Phanatic dressed John Kruk as a gladiator during a broadcast

The Phillie Phanatic makes his bones by playing pranks on fans at Citizens Bank Park, but occasionally he ventures into the broadcast booth or onto the playing field to share the love, as it were, with the media and players. 
During Tuesday's 7-6 loss to the Cardinals, the Phanatic stopped by the Phillies' pop-up broadcast booth in the left-field seats with a special gift for John Kruk -- a shiny new gladiator suit:

And what kind of gladiator would Kruk be without a helmet to adorn his head? Not a very good one, that's for sure. And the Phanatic wasn't about to let Kruk be a bad gladiator.

Thanks to the Phanatic, Kruk now looks to have an outfit appropriate for the Coliseum. The only thing he still needs is a worthy challenger. Good luck finding that 1,500 years after the Fall of Rome.