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Starlin Castro's bubblegum bit back and nearly caused a delay during an at-bat

Chewing on a big wad of bubblegum can have anxiety-reducing benefits -- that's precisely why Dave Grohl is always chewing on stage with the Foo Fighters, and it's probably also a big reason why baseball players love the stuff.

Starlin Castro is a big fan, but he nearly found himself in the middle of a bubblegum disaster in the Marlins' 5-1 loss to the Brewers on Thursday afternoon.

When you're sitting there blowing bubbles, you know how it sometimes swells to an unmanageable size, popping and getting stuck on your nose? Imagine that, but with the imposing Josh Hader standing on the mound about to deliver a 96-mph fastball up and in.

Yikes! Castro came within seconds of facing a pitch with a sticky mess on the middle of his face.

Let this be a warning that bubblegum can fight back sometimes.