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Teammates Brandon Nimmo and Travis d'Arnaud ran into each other while honeymooning in Hawaii

For eight months, Mets players Brandon Nimmo and Travis d'Arnaud spent much of their time together, both in Spring Training and throughout the baseball season. They discussed their impending weddings, both set to take place on the same weekend in November. Then they parted ways for the winter -- or so Nimmo thought.
Weeks later, the Mets outfielder walked to the breakfast buffet at a hotel in Maui only to see his teammate standing right there.
"He hadn't planned his honeymoon yet when we talked last," Nimmo said. "He texted me earlier that morning, but I hadn't read it yet. I just went to breakfast. And then I just saw him walk to the buffet. I was like, "Travis! Travis!" And then we ended up going snorkeling for turtles."
Mets catcher Kevin Plawecki also revealed Thursday that he often has FaceTime sessions with Jacob deGrom. Apparently, the Mets just can't get enough of each other.
"I just thought that was hilarious," Nimmo said. "We spend all this time together and then we all go our separate ways, and somehow we end up still seeing each other by happenstance. Out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean."